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How to Finance

SIPP Property Investment / SIPP Purchase / Pension Purchase

You might think that you would need to be a wealthy investor to take advantage of this opportunity. This couldn't be further from the truth. You can actually fund your purchase using a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

A SIPP offers considerable tax advantages, but it also puts you in control of how your pension is invested for the future. And the process is much easier than you may think.

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Outright Purchase Option

  • 45% Deposit, 6 months later 20%, 12 months later 20%, 15% balance WRITTEN OFF
  • 3% interest paid monthly on 45% deposit during the build period
  • FREE Hotel Excellence Furniture Pack
  • FREE Legal Services

For more information on Cape Verde property contact us today!

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50% Ownership

You can also purchase a Llana Beach Resort property via our 50% co-ownership option; this delivers unrivalled value and exceptional returns on your investment.

The investment package includes:

  • 50% co-ownership price of only €70,000
  • Enhanced exchange rate
  • 5% property completion discount
  • And Guaranteed Property Mortgages on 30% completion balance

The above is in addition to FREE Legal services and FREE Hotel Excellence Furniture; the offer is available for both SIPP and Cash investors.

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Easy Ownership

Whether you are using cash, assets, or borrowing money to purchase a property on Dunas Beach Resort, thanks to our highly competitive payment options you can be sure the returns are worth it.

In today's climate it's unlikely that you are getting a rate of return that you would want from cash savings or money you have invested.

Investing in Dunas Beach Resort will deliver far greater returns, and we will pay 6% p.a. interest on any cash used to fund the purchase of your Dunas Beach Resort property - allowing you to instantly earn 6% p.a. during the construction cycle.

If you have equity in your home or buy-to-let properties, then utilising this to fund your purchase could make you a much higher return than you are currently. Plus, you don't have to worry about the cost of any interest, as we will service the interest costs up to 10% p.a. on any loans used to fund your deposit. The interest will then be added to your completion balance.

We also offer a very attractive guaranteed rate of exchange from Sterling to Euros, free legal services and completion mortgages (subject to status).

Capital Growth

The financial strength and experience of The Resort Group, supported by the expertise of our industry leading partners makes Dunas, Llana Beach Resorts perfectly positioned to maximise the property investment potential that exists in Cape Verde whether for capital growth, rental income or resale.

Foreign investment continues to grow with over €1 Billion investment per annum, with a full range of development projects covering communications, utilities, transport and leisure all underway. Tourism is booming on the islands and figures continue to increase with demand for high quality accommodation far exceeding supply. This means all economic factors support strong capital growth.

Thanks to all economic factors, your Cape Verde investment has every possibility of seeing considerable capital growth, even through the construction cycle.

For example, a typical one bed studio apartment priced at €124,950 with an increase in value of 5% p.a. over a five year period would offer you total growth of €34,521, at 10% growth the total property value increase would be €76,283 and €126,369 with 15% growth over the same 5 year period.

These projections are based on the list price of your property. However, the price you pay will typically include discounts and incentive exchange rates to further underpin your actual growth opportunities.


No investment opportunity is completely ‘risk free’ otherwise it wouldn’t represent an investment. It’s therefore clearly very important to assess your attitude towards risk and of course to validate the credentials of the investment proposition.

When investing in property, both capital growth and rental return are the key measures of success. It is important therefore to understand how your chosen investment will deliver both of these. Factors such as land value and touristic demand are key drivers but these need to be underpinned by the overall integrity of the development.

To asses these critical factors, it’s important to establish:

  • Does the developer own the land and do they have a valid building license?
  • Have they passed the other necessary governmental checks and is a full due diligence pack available?
  • Who are the building contractor, and are they an established and reputable contractor?
  • Will the completed resort be managed by a world-renowned hotel operator?
  • Does the developer have commercial funding in place and have they achieved a high level of pre-sales?

Any credible property investment opportunity should be able to answer yes to all of the above questions, thanks to The Resort Group and its unique strategic partnerships, Dunas Beach Resort can.

Customer Service

Naturally, we’ll give you our full help and support throughout the investment process when you buy your Cape Verde property.

You can take a four-day inspection tour to have a good look around our Dunas Beach Resort before you make your investment decision.

You’ll also have access to our expert support team who will handle all enquiries on the phone while you’re in the comfort of your own home, in addition to our account managers and our team based in Cape Verde who take care of our inspection tours.

We’ll provide you with an excellent choice of local agents who can advise you on the best financial option for you. You’ll even receive a regular newsletter from our Chairman keeping you abreast of developments on the island and the progress of construction.

Use the Contact Us button below to register your interest and request a call-back or email response. Our support team will then arrange for your Local Property Expert to contact you.