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Finance Options » Capital Growth

Cape Verde Captial Growth

The financial strength and experience of The Resort Group, supported by the expertise of our industry leading partners makes Dunas, Llana Beach Resorts perfectly positioned to maximise the property investment potential that exists in Cape Verde whether for capital growth, rental income or resale.

Foreign investment continues to grow with over €1 Billion investment per annum, with a full range of development projects covering communications, utilities, transport and leisure all underway. Tourism is booming on the islands and figures continue to increase with demand for high quality accommodation far exceeding supply. This means all economic factors support strong capital growth.

Thanks to all economic factors, your Cape Verde investment has every possibility of seeing considerable capital growth, even through the construction cycle.

For example, a typical one bed studio apartment priced at €124,950 with an increase in value of 5% p.a. over a five year period would offer you total growth of €34,521, at 10% growth the total property value increase would be €76,283 and €126,369 with 15% growth over the same 5 year period.

These projections are based on the list price of your property. However, the price you pay will typically include discounts and incentive exchange rates to further underpin your actual growth opportunities.