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Finance Options » Considerations

No investment opportunity is completely ‘risk free’ otherwise it wouldn’t represent an investment. It’s therefore clearly very important to assess your attitude towards risk and of course to validate the credentials of the investment proposition.

When investing in property, both capital growth and rental return are the key measures of success. It is important therefore to understand how your chosen investment will deliver both of these. Factors such as land value and touristic demand are key drivers but these need to be underpinned by the overall integrity of the development.

To asses these critical factors, it’s important to establish:

  • Does the developer own the land and do they have a valid building license?
  • Have they passed the other necessary governmental checks and is a full due diligence pack available?
  • Who are the building contractor, and are they an established and reputable contractor?
  • Will the completed resort be managed by a world-renowned hotel operator?
  • Does the developer have commercial funding in place and have they achieved a high level of pre-sales?

Any credible property investment opportunity should be able to answer yes to all of the above questions, thanks to The Resort Group and its unique strategic partnerships, Dunas Beach Resort can.