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Rental Returns

The tourism industry in Cape Verde is currently flourishing with visitor numbers increasing all the time. This is obviously a key factor when considering an investment, and at both Dunas and Llana Beach Resort everything is in place for you to expect high occupancy levels and therefore high rental returns.

In fact, the current ‘best on-island’ occupancy is 95%, and at that level you would expect an exceptional level of return. However, due to the highly competitive property prices available on Dunas and Llana Beach Resorts, even using a more conservative figure you can still expect a substantial level of return and a high yield.

Both Dunas and Llana Resorts sit on premium beach front land, creating the most desirable, saleable and rentable properties available. What’s more, with tourist demand currently outstripping supply and the benefit of Sol Meliã management expertise, you can be confident that you are maximising your rental income potential with a minimal amount of activity.

Rentals not only come from the tourists of the UK, they also come from other countries such as Portugal, Germany and other European Countries.

Lets compare the advantages of renting with Sol Melia compared to other overseas property investments:

  • You remove the need to find the right letting agent! Sol Melia are already in place.
  • Your furniture pack has already designed, so your investment will be seen as a professional interior designed property. You don’t need to spend time interior designing yourself.
  • Many potential tenants will be coming from different parts of the world. You are not restricted to the UK tourism market. Sol Melia deal in a global marketplace with coverage of all languages. You don’t need to be multilingual!
  • There is no need for you to pay for your own marketing, either in your own time, or money. There is no need for a web site nor its language translations or any internet marketing.

As you can see a property investment at Dunas or Llana Beach Resorts is a hands free/hassle free investment opportunity.

Savills, the world-leading property services group and a Key Partner of The Resort Group, estimate an average €175 per day rental fee, a typical rental income for a two bedroom apartment. Based on a very conservative minimum occupancy estimate of 68%, you can expect to realise a very strong rental yield.

Rental Club

In addition, your property brings you VIP membership of the Hotel Managed Rental Club, which is managed by the Sol Meliã Group to help maximise your rental occupancy.

You also have the added reassurance of The Resort Group's unique 'pooled rental income' programme. This means that the rent received by all property owners is pooled on a fair and equitable basis.

Returns Available

This information highlights some of the suggested and expected returns based on the different propertys available.

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